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Fabulous Hotel Design in UAE

Hotels Reinvented

The United Arab Emirates is a coastal city that reflects the beauty of a traditional and historical inspired with a futuristic and modern twist. The expensive hotels in this city are contributed by none other than the Luxury Antonovich Design company. Their hotel designs for UAE varies from traditional designs with Arabian artworks, and a more modern and contemporary approach with classy minimalistic touches. From simple designs to upscale hotels the Luxury Antonovich Design firm has made its name in the country making them the most in-demand architecture and design firm in UAE. They set the trends when it comes to hotel designing which reflects the high standard construction which is their signature when it comes to designing.

Attributes of Hotel Design in UAE

The hotels in this city is a glamorous play place in the desert. This is where ambition meets tradition so it is designed to keep the lives connected by history and modernity.

  • Bedrooms: The rooms in this fabulous hotel design is seamless and modern with a twist of tradition. The color palette chosen reflects the earthy environment of the city with a touch of luxurious gold. The room features have a wall mounted television that adds an entertainment value for the guests who will check in.
  • High-technology Elevator: The elevator designed for this hotel is very trend forward.
  • The Dining: Another heart of a hotel is the restaurants dining area which people from different parts of the world come to experience the delicious meals that the restaurant has to offer. The blue chairs add a contrasting color play which makes the area more pleasing to the eyes.
  • The Lobby: Of course a hotel is never complete without its magnificent lobby. IT is where you accommodate guests so this is designed to look more inviting with the glass backdrop and the marble floors that surely looks stunning. The spiral chandelier also adds a focal point in which guests will be stunned in the first look.
  • Hallway: The hallway is where guests are led to their rooms. In this hotel design, the company made it well lit so that the guests will find their rooms easily. The pin lights at the border of the flooring make it look neat and well guided.

The striking facade with the perfect exterior and interior makes a great hotel and it is the perfect public space to relax, dine, take a break from all the stress. With the Luxury Antonovich Design Company, they make sure to bring out the best in every detail that they have to offer to create a dynamic hotel with full of amenities and unique designs to make sure that the hotel experience of your guests are unforgettable.

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