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Exclusive Hotel Furniture and Decoration Design

The A-plus architecture

Hotels are the most important part of the rapid changes in society. The Luxury Antonovich Design never fails to create the best hotel designs that are exclusive and unique which make every hotel construction stand out from the rest. If you are a hotel owner or maybe you are planning to stay in a hotel you will see that the Luxury Antonovich Design firm has placed their heart and soul with every detail of their hotel design.

The Lobby

Hotels should have a great first impression and the best way to do this is to have an amazing lobby with a striking design that will capture every guest's heart. It is where the first interaction starts and it should be a creative space that has a comfortable and relaxing ambiance. The Luxury Antonovich Design firm makes sure that the lobby is well equipped. Given that there are different people who will check in at the hotel, it is important to add sockets for laptop plugs, coffee tables, cozy chairs paired with beautiful hanging chandeliers that add warmth to the lobby space. 

The guest rooms

It is not just the bed and table design in guest rooms. As the world evolves into modernity the Luxury Antonovich Design company also evolved the guest room design. They made it look homier and even more comfortable. It has its own office space which is perfect for travelers, may it be business or solo travel. The bed is strategically placed in the middle of the room to keep the space in the room more balanced. The color is a mixture of eclectic tastes that is appealing and unique for every guest's amazing experience. 

Beautiful Bathrooms

Bathrooms are often minimized due to the space that it will occupy. Of course, every tourist is expecting a nice and cozy bathroom that feels like a luxury. The spa-like bathroom has features that let hotel guests have an enjoyable stay. This adds value to the hotel rooms and creates a luxurious addition to the whole hotel room. 

The Decorations

People are great in exploring their senses especially when they are traveling. These senses are more awaken especially when they are out in a new place. The Luxury Antonovich Design made sure that there are more texture and colors to every corner of the hotel design. They make sure to add a pop of color that suits the ambiance of the hotel and they also add textured walls for a simple space animation that adds a visual play to the design. 

A second home

Hotels are the home away from home, it should feel relaxed and comfortable and make you feel safe and warm. The added features to the hotel is an amplifier that makes the hotel more livable and relaxed. The high-tech features will certainly give you a new hotel experience that you have never had. Building a hotel is not an easy task, that's why it is important to hire professionals who value and innovates your hotel's features and design.

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