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Luxury Hotel Design UAE

Hotel Design in Abu Dabi is a comprehensive project that included the design and architectural engineering. Ornate facade of the building, in which the designers have offered the use of glass and mirror elements, has become the pearl of the architectural ensemble of the city. Behind the luxurious and elegant exterior even more luxurious and magnificent interior hides. Hotel Design is a wonderful opportunity to create a cozy and luxurious atmosphere. In this hotel every guest will feel royally luxurious. And in this hotel you want to come back more than once. The hotel design combines elements of classical style and Art Deco style. Particular attention interior designers Abu Dhabi paid to the interior of the spacious hall. After all, first impression is all about the space of the hall. And it seems this project is unforgettable. The bright design of the hall is based on the use of contrasting colors. The ceiling is decorated with several symmetrical niches with elegant lines and luxurious crystal chandeliers. Snow-white ceiling lights stylishly contrast with the luscious shades of the walls. Boiserie filled with elite textile wallpaper of cool lilac shade with large ornaments. Elite status is highlighted with sculptures and precious materials used in the decoration. So the surface of the marble floor is decorated with amazing carvings. A square columns with the finishing of black marble and mirrors make the interior very bright and expressive. The hotel design is fully consistent with the concept of a network of luxury hotels in UAE.

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