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Haute couture of Italy furniture

Living room furniture

The stylish luxury living rooms always reflected the taste of their owners, and brought vivid impressions to the guests of the house. The Italian furniture for the living room not only as a gold standard of style, but also emphasize the high status of the house owners. It is difficult to imagine a living room without a sofa, comfortable chairs, chairs and coffee table. Whether the guests come to you to visit or gather the whole family for an evening pastime – a living room must provide your rest from the hustle and bustle of the city comfortably.

An expensive furniture in the living room warrants a price, offering the highest quality, which will serve you for years. The Italian masters with great love refer to the furniture designed for the whole family. The interweaving of ancient traditions and modern innovations in design and the warmth of handwork create a true masterpiece, which is worthy of your attention. An elite furniture for the living room in the ensemble focuses on the soft furniture made from the precious wood. It is often decorated with hand-made carving, gold leaf, mother of pearl and covered with the best natural varnish. The expensive fabrics complete the elegant look, creating a cozy and beautiful place for recreation. The modern furniture for the living room includes a compulsory element as a coffee table. Staying all the time in front of the eyes, an elegant table sets the overall atmosphere of the room. Marble countertop, curved legs and clear glass - all this variety is able to emphasize and continue the common style of the house. A special attention should be paid to the elite cabinets and shelves for the living room. Apart from its unique decoration, they provide the opportunity to create their own special style with the help of your souvenirs, art objects or antique utensils. The spacious shelves for books and a niche for TV panels will help to equip your living room functionally.

Made in the best traditions an elite furniture of Italian experts will delight you with elegant finishing and thoughtful design for a long time.

There are Italian living rooms and luxury furniture for the living room of the best world factories in this chapter of our catalog. It is no secret that in order to have a good time in the house and rest from the everyday hustle and bustle, you should equip one of the most important rooms - living room. It can be done, if you buy furniture for the living room from Italy, since it can boggle the imagination of its elegance, style and functionality! The elite living rooms of the Italian production are famous of the highest quality and unconventional functionality. Therefore, the time has come to change the situation in the house, abandon the outdated walls with an ordinary furniture set and make an interior of the house by its continuation!

Made from high-quality wood with the latest technology and materials (such as glass, metal, plastic, leather, etc.), the objects of Italian furniture for the living room allow to outline the room design to own taste.Modern Luxury furniture of the living room, made in Italy, has almost everything that is required to guarantee a maximum convenience in the living room - from coffee tables, made in a certain style, and to the elite Italian showcases - an original point in the general furniture ensemble. The room in which you spend cheerily your free time ... The place where you want to relax... The heart of your home ... It is a living room. 

We wish that an atmosphere of hospitality and appeasement will always reign in it, and offer to buy Italy living room that meets your tastes! You can do this at the company Luxury Antonovich Design!

The magnificence baroque and cutesy Art Deco, restrained Art Nouveau or traditional eclectic, pompous Empire or cute to the heart retro - any style will emphasize profitably a harmonious set of furniture. An aristocratic orientation of the buyer`s preferences due to the careful design of the project room design, so the special attention is paid to the choice of the furniture set in the living room or bedroom. The elite soft furniture, which meets all the requirements, will create a unique interior of your home. It will serve as a central figure in any room, and forms all conditions to enjoy this true creation of furniture art, combining comfort, convenience, high technology of the production materials. A drop of luxury in your living room

The salon of the elite furniture, which carefully monitors the trendy tendency, offers the magnificent examples of unbeaten design from world manufacturers of luxury furniture. The expensive high-quality furniture is able to decorate any room design, emphasizing its beneficial stylistic idea. Being a visiting card of the home, the elite furniture for the living room invites you to plunge into the world of luxury and wealth, surprising of the variety of colors and textures of the natural wood, reliability of the fitting and brilliant appearance. The corner sofas in the living room The spacious rooms can be functionally zoned: the elegant elite corner sofas will help in it. The practical and incredibly easy in-use, they provide a high level for the rest. In addition, the furniture outstands with the beauty and prestige thanks to stylistic diversity and imagination of furniture craftsmen.

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