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Furniture CLASSICO

A wide and rich assortment offers Luxury Antonovich design.

Furniture as an important subject of an interior. Table - at first glance quite simple, but very necessary piece of furniture. Often it is a horizontal surface, raised above a certain height above the floor, supported on legs, or other support. The purpose of the tables are very different, from the location and the folding of various items,performing a variety of goals, to eating, relaxing and interesting games. In almost all areas, the table - the main subject of the interior and furniture, which has an important functional and semantic accent. In our time, a huge number of furniture manufacturers produce all kinds of various models of tables. Their kinds abound. These products differ in shape and size, purpose, functionality, the material and design, style and design, as well as other characteristics.

Small to large, expensive and cheap , wooden or plastic, round or square - this is a very small list of options available on the market. Before you make a choice and buy a table, you must first clearly define its purpose. It could be an option such as a dining table or desk, could be computer table or just a coffee table. You also need to choose the shape and size, design and décor, which must fit the size and style of the room. Clearly, an important role is played by the material, the main requirement which is environmental friendliness, as well as reliability and ease of maintenance. It is necessary to pay attention to the design model. You may need to purchase folding a table with additional drawers for clothes. Or, you need a special design of a table, to perform a certain type of work or a board game. The main variants in purpose and functionality

When buying a table, the first thing that determines its choice - its purpose and functionality. In today's market, there are plenty of options for furniture. For example, offers such kinds of tables:

  • Dining tables (dining). Designed for a meal, at this table, gather's the family or friends, colleagues. There are different shapes, sizes, can be stationary or slide apart, folded.
  • Coffee tables. Often of the small sizes, different by an exterior , with or without bedside table. Suitable for interior decoration and folding of small items, such as books or magazines
  • Dressing tables. Used often by women for all kinds of beauty treatments, including cosmetic. They have generally a mirror and drawers for cosmetics.
  • For household appliances. They are used for placing TV, stereo, telephone. There are in different styles and designs, are equipped with additional shelves.

Children's tables. Are small in size and compact, bright, interesting and comfortable. Used for all sorts of games by children. Including desk. Designed for the study process, can be combined with a computer desk. Equipped with shelves, niches, drawers. This is not a complete list of commercially available tables. There are specialized for a specific type of activity, for example, some board games. Or are designed for meetings and office premises. Models are available for street café or suburban options. What to choose and buy - this a specific case, or rather the expected performance of the functional.

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