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Living room - the role and function

Historically living room is the most lively and elegant place in the house. Here meet to discuss news, welcome guests, spending evenings with family.That is why living room furniture is chosen in accordance with its functions, and the tastes of the owners. Choosing living room style is quite difficult, in fact, the current trends in interior design made this choice even harder. Strict wood walls and ceilings of Baroque now easily to get along with chromed metal modernity. Italian and European furniture for the living room is available in a huge range, capable of satisfying the most refined taste.

Living rooms Classic
Living rooms Neoclassic
Living rooms Art Deco
Living rooms in style: Baroque, Louis XVI, Louis XV, Empire, etc.
Modern Living rooms
Living room furniture in modern and classic styles

Furniture for living room - it's not just sofas and TV stands. Italian and European furniture for the living room includes a variety of desks and tables, shop windows, consoles, stands for flowers and stuff. At the same time, the very style of the furniture can be different - from classical to modern. This furniture has a different height and, in addition to purely utilitarian purposes, carries another important decorative function. Proper arrangement of these small items can transform your living room, and the incorrect placement of furniture can make a living room unshapely and boring.

For example, a combination of 2 single-showcases in the middle, is one of the most sought in the living room. But at the same time, care must be taken about TV stand, cabinets, dining buffet. Open space in the mid combines composition and facilitates the use of video equipment. And the role of showcases in the living room in general difficult to overestimate. This invention was originally designed to demonstrate the wealth of owners of the house. Porcelain figurines, family silver, rare trinkets flaunting for guests. This function of personalization is not entirely lost today, although the desire for collecting gradually disappearing.

Living Room - design and zoning

The living room was formed as a place of gathering together people with diverse interests. Therefore, interior designers envisage dividing of this once common space, on large enough and particular zones: the recreation area, entertainment area, games area, bar area and so on. The increase in the total area of housing, it is often a multi-storey, also support this trend.

Traditional recreation area always with sofas, corner sofas and various tables - coffee tables, tea tables with local sources of light in the form of lamps and floor lamps. This zone is quite conservative and its content of furniture does not cause problems.

Entertainment area can be decorated with furniture ordinary in the form of TV frames and consoles, where the creativity of manufacturers boundless, as well as the richness of technical innovations. Entertainment area can be active - with pool tables and arcade games.

Bar with a bar stand and bar stools can be an independent zone in the living room, decorated with appropriate furniture. In such living room to set general stylistic unity - a rather difficult task for an interior designer, as this unity more architectural and spatial. And eclecticism dominated in furniture for a living room.Living rooms from Italy of Luxury Antonovich Design - it is masterpiece of craftsmanship

Modern production techniques not in any way detract from the role of handicraft labor in the manufacture of furniture for the quality Italian living rooms. Processing details are still carried out manually, by hand is applied gold leaf and painting done. The proportion of manual labor is very high in the good Italian furniture. No matter in what style it is made.

Italian living room in Baroque is no less interesting than living room in the style of Art Deco. And if in the first case, we are impressed by carving and gilding, in the second - the richness of leather, perfect seams, and finish lines. The furniture is made to order, entirely in Italy, and the client can choose not only the appropriate styles and configuration of the richest collections but also a favorite fabric upholstery and types of finishes. Manufacturing of individual items is possible with the change their size and geometry and, most importantly, detailed consultations and practical advice of true experts.

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