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elegant and luxury curtain design


Many homes use curtains as an elegant styling detail that elevates a room. Our team believes that it is a crucial element to think about. It highlights almost all the important rooms in your homes like the living room and bedroom. Our team knows which curtain design fits your home design and your interior. There are different types of curtains to choose from and our team will help you out in narrowing which curtain style is best for your home. 

  • Single Panel: A single panel curtain is one curtain that will cover the entire window. This is the easiest type of curtain design as it is more casual and modern. 
  • Window Set: We also provide this style, which is a full window curtain style. You will see fringes and a sheer curtain in between which creates a more dramatic look. 
  • Double Panel: This type of curtain style features a pair of the curtain that is popular in most of the classic homes. The pair creates a balanced look to your home, giving it a more symmetrical look. 
  • Valance: This curtain design looks better with kitchen windows. It is a hanging curtain or something shorter that gives you the look of the outdoors. 


There are also different opacity and fabrication for curtains. Our choices vary according to the need of the client and to the atmosphere that will be in the rooms. There are curtains, which let more sunlight. There are curtains that are darker, thicker and heavier, which gives you more privacy. We offer different types of curtain transparency.

  • Sheer: Its the thin fabric that allows more sunlight to enter your home. It is popular but it gives the least amount of privacy. Sometimes sheer curtains are also used between thicker curtains to add style. 
  • Blackout: Blackout curtains are thicker than sheer. It is heavier, and it provides more privacy. 


You will also notice that there is a different material used to create a wonderful curtain. The thinner materials are used for sheer curtains, while the thicker ones are used for blackout or semi-opaque. 

  • Brocade: It is one of the most popular curtain patterns that you will see in drapes. It is a heavy material that is often embroidered or woven. This is a fabric that is best to be used with traditional curtain designs.
  • Damask: It is another traditional pattern which is similar to brocade. It is made of mostly silk and it is mostly designed to have the same tone or color family with one shade that is darker which sets as the background color, and another shade lighter which sets as the foreground color. It is a formal design that is perfect for rooms with classic interior.
  • Floral: Another popular pattern which is perfect for chic and sophisticated rooms. It is a very feminine pattern which makes it look more reserved and demure. 
  • Cotton: Cotton fabric is the most popular choice. It is a little sheer but it also allows a moderate amount of privacy. This fabrication is sometimes used to complete window treatment. 
  • Velvet: It is another popular material that is best for a luxurious look. This is perfect for people who are sensitive to extreme sunlight. Thus, it gives a perfect look of elegance. 
  • Silk: Silk is another luxurious fabric which is popular for classic and contemporary homes. 

Of course, patterns are another thing to look for in a certain style. Its a nice way to add character and express your personality. We have embossed velvet designs, which add a dramatic style to your home. We have solid curtain designs, which put up a modern style. We also incorporate traditional prints that reflect the culture of our clients. We are able to expand our designs from traditional to modern, from minimalistic to chic, with our wide design of patterns and fabrics.

Visiting of our showroom will give you more idea of what your curtain design would really be. Our luxurious curtain designs will elevate the style and look of your home. With this, your home will look more personalized and aesthetically beautiful. Let us help you with your curtain decor by sending us a message.

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