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Children's room for Girls and Boys


Designing your son or daughter's bedroom can be overwhelming and intimidating. Every parent wants their child's room to look great with functionality and creativity to spark your little one's imagination. Our designers came up with this neoclassical interior that looks dainty, clean, and sharp that your kids will truly love. There isn't ay rule aside from making the room neat so that your kid's space is organized. Having a nice bedroom for your kids will give them a clear headspace and this will help spark their imagination. If you're wondering where and how to start, our company Luxury Antonovich Design is here to help you. 


Pastel pink and purple are two main accent colors of this girls bedroom. This winning combination color is perfect for young girls and even pre-teen girls. The elegant bed is situated across the windows so that the light that will enter the room will illuminate all the corners of the room. You will notice the girly patterns and features of the interior. The damask carpet gives the room a sophisticated look. You will also notice the organized shelves where your child's toy and things can be placed. Across the bed, we added a sofa that also matches the interior of the bedroom. It has a nice little coffee table where your child can play or even eat their snacks. Near the window on the other side is a study table. We perfectly placed it beside the window to let the natural light shine. It is important to have a well-lit room for children especially if your child will be reading or studying. 


This interior design for boy's bedroom is more masculine with a soft touch since we are dealing with children. You will notice that the accent color is a pastel blue which is perfect for boys. We want to nurture their love for art and creativity by adding carvings on the wall and some paintings framed in the bedroom. By selecting styles and color palette we start building your child's bedroom. We also selected neoclassical pieces of furniture that goes well with each other to build the aesthetics of the room. Everything is customized to be gender specific for your kids. You will notice how we build a well-coordinated room for your kids to love. 

The exciting part of building your kid's bedroom is the adding of furniture and choosing of themes and color palette. It is important to match their personalities to make them feel attached to their rooms. Personalizing everything is a forte of our company so we can compose and build your kid's dream bedroom. Visit our showroom to learn more about our different styles and designs for your children's bedroom. 

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