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Dubai Royal Atlantis


One of Luxury Antonovich Design companys best niche is interior design. They evolved their style into a dynamic and they have prolific works that have caught the eye of clients globally. Indeed, their interior design works have come a very long way – they made it possible with their determination and their powerful motivation of their pioneering visionaries. The professional designers of Luxury Antonovich Design have been hailed as the best in the industry. Their signature style is mostly designed with luxury touches which makes their works and design high-end.


You will see in the model home design that the interior is cohesive and coordinated in every corner. At first, you might think that neutral colors are boring but neutral is actually a great primary shade to use especially for modern interior design. Neutral shades are calm, and it is a fun shade to accentuate with different bold elements. It creates a spotlight on your furnishings and textures. Another nice thing about neutral colors is that you will never be tired of it. Here are some of the highlights of how we designed and decorated this entire home.

  • Bedroom: This bedroom in this model home interior is a great example of a neutral done right. It has a nice metallic gold accent that makes the elements pop-out. It looks chic and calming at the same time which gives you the best of both designs.
  • Bathroom: As you can see in the bathroom image above – the neutral palette and the marble tub creates a beautiful layout of the bathroom design. The shiny gold accents come to the forefront which gives your bathroom a luxurious vibe.
  • Kitchen: A minimalist kitchen design with a lot of storage space. This is how our designers wanted for the kitchen to look like. The wood finishing creates a nice contrast to the stainless appliances which also adds a nice accent to the kitchen.
  • Living Room: The living room above attests to how neutral shades can be an amazing primary shade. The beige tone and the marble accents create a nice and welcoming vibe to your home. The marble also polishes the room and it makes the look very clean and modern.

We truly hope that you get some inspiration with our designs. We decorate each project with different fabrics, textures, and patterns to add depth and an interesting twist to your home. We aim to make the room look more dynamic with rich elegant fabrics and high-quality materials. Visit our showroom to see what our team has to offer.

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