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Our promise to clients

Luxury Antonovich Design especially applied much exertion with the end goal to make the familys close to home space. The whole house is as lovely as every one of its niches and crevices. Luxury Antonovich Design puts it basically: A house is a place to unwind, and we are only glad for, and content with, the general plan. The firm has made sense of how to gather a significant reputation for themselves through their productive completing of excess inside arrangement adventures. Luxury Antonovich Design makes inside structures wake up.

Stunning Hall space

Each interior story begins with a hall space. It is here that interior designers strive to create a space that will make the right first impression of the house. In addition, the corridor interior should serve its practical and functional purposes. In this project, The Luxury Antonovic Design Studios interior designers created an excellent path from the doorway to the rest of the apartment. The light palette of shades, marble floors with carved patterns, cute cantilevered tables, charming chandeliers, and sconces, as well as mirrors and silk wallpaper in the decor of the walls, look chic. Everything radiates elegance, nobility, and aristocracy.

Elegant Interior Design

This beautiful image continues in a more elegant and lush interior of the living room. The living room is combined with a dining area. Here, interior designers add a lilac note to the pastel palette of cream and beige shades in the decoration of windows and soft furniture upholstery. Marble on the floor creates a warm and cozy atmosphere with an elite parquet of natural wood. There are silk wallpaper, sconces, and paintings of artists in the decor of the walls. The space of the house has integrity in its splendor and elitism. In the interior of the kitchen, there are also luxurious attributes of the decor in the form of stucco decor and beautiful furniture with carved decor and gilding.

Luxurious classic Art deco

For the design of the bedrooms interiors, the authors of the project proposed several excellent ideas. Each bedroom clearly corresponds to the tastes, habits of their owners. If in the parents bedroom everything is decorated in a luxurious classic with notes of Art Deco, then in the bedroom of the eldest son there is an extravagant modern style with accents of minimalism. It is a house in which every member of the family fills comfortable and cozy. house designs and floor plans, house designs and plans, house door design images, house fence design photos, house floor plan 3d, house floor plan ideas

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