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Luxury Villa Interior Palm Jumeirah

Modern living room interior

This is a stylish and bright interior, which harmoniously combined a modern style with elegant art deco accents. A living room interior looks sublime and unique. Here, space impresses with an abundance of the original decoration, which makes the modern villa design so exquisite and extraordinary. The living area is combined with a hall and a dining room. In the living room, for your comfort, there is the furniture that is upholstered in the finest genuine leather and complemented with the original décor of polished stainless steel. High panoramic windows are curtained with straight folds made of light silk. Massive crystal chandeliers, thanks to the open space and high ceilings seem light and airy. The basis of the walls and floors decor is natural marble of several types. To create the effect of natural freshness, the interior designers offer modern elements of interior landscape in the form of a wall, which is completely covered with plants. Also, they added to this a beautiful waterfall, which occupies part of the wall at the staircase portal. The elegant marble staircase perfectly fits in this space, not overloading it, and adding sophisticated features. The cozy dining area is placed on a little podium. Soft lighting lines illuminate luxurious marble steps of the podium. On the second floor, open terraces are fenced with a stylish balustrade and interconnected with comfortable passages. A highlight in walls decoration became original volume panels.

Luxury Villa Lagos

Expanding their way through African countries, Luxury Antonovich Design is ready to dominate the world of design in Nigeria. The exceptional spacious Villa is styled with earth tone shades that give a new feel to the classic room, It adds a touch of nature with the brown tones while the cream tones give contrast and balance to the classic villa. As you enter you will feel the elegance and luxurious living. The elements such a the crystal chandelier will draw the eyes of the guests. The touch of light blue shade gives the relaxing and tranquil look to the entire room. Ideal for a family this villa in Lagos is fully equipped to make sure that your home is not only stylish but also functional.

Best Architecture Designer Lagos

When building your house it is important to hire an expert so that you can transform your house into the perfect house of your dreams. Luxury Antonovich Design is an architecture firm in which conceptualizes your home ideas and turn it into reality. They perfect 3d rendered sketches of your dream home so you can visualize your house realistically. When building your home it is best to hire experts that can handle your home designs perfectly. The construction of the best architecture designer ensures not only the style of your dream home but also the security and functionality of your house. If you want to narrow down your search about the best architecture design in Lagos consider the Luxury Antonovich Design firm.

The Villa

The works of the Luxury Antonovich Design company embodies the clean modern yet aesthetically traditional. The Villa is a multi-functional space that is perfected from exterior to interior. The design does not only need to be beautiful but it needs to be sturdy in all weather conditions. The design has proper ventilation to make sure that the air will circulate well in the house. Gold is used for some of the accent pieces to create a contrasting shade that adds elegance and class to the classic villa looks.

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