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Design delightful villa in Abu Dhabi

Luxurious interior with very bright and effective features is offered by studio designers of Luxury Antonovich Design. Consistency of shapes and lines, the perfect combination of colors and textures formed the basis of impeccable image of the interior. Villa design Dubai is full of spectacular designs. The hall interior was the beginning of a luxurious and comfortable interior story. Interior designers use the method of symmetry. Two soft wall panels, which are covered with noble velvet of purple hue, as if reflected in each other.

And elegant console tables, mirrors and exquisite lamps complement. Floors design with unique carved patterns make the handwriting of designers recognizable. In the hall on the floor pattern echoes elegantly decorated ceiling. The living room interior designers Dubai offered large curls of carved patterns that look great in a spacious apartment with ceilings, extending the full height of the building. From the cozy hall, we get into a posh living room. The semi-circular portal of the building with tall windows opened up space for creative designers.

In keeping with the direction of modern classics, the designers have added some bright accents of art deco. Cozy and warm mood is brought into the interior by a modern fireplace that perfectly fits in the interior, with stylish frame of natural wood. High windows have curtains of light silk. Villa Design Dubai differs both with luxurious image and excellent functionality. Living room is continued with separate kitchen, dining rom and lounge area with plasma screen.

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