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Creating a welcoming and beautiful landscape can appear to be a difficult task. While you will have to put in some effort, it does not have to be a difficult procedure. Before you begin selecting plants for your landscaping project, keep the following suggestions in mind. To save money on your trees and shrubs, choose the ones that are younger. Read the tags on your plants to see how big theyll go and how far apart you should put them in your garden. Its safe to expect theyll grow to be larger than the tag suggests. Allow adequate room for your plant to mature without needing to be pruned or trimmed frequently. If the space appears barren after planting, fill in gaps with perennials, annuals, attractive statues, or birdbaths until your trees and shrubs fill out a bit. Annuals die out every season, but perennials are easy to transplant later, allowing your trees and shrubs to fill in the gaps. The Right Plant in the Right Place. Every successful gardener lives by this mantra. Itll make all the difference in your garden if you choose the correct plant for the right spot. With the correct conditions, the right plant can grow, reducing its vulnerability to illnesses and insects and improving its longevity.


Examine the state of your garden before going to the store. How much sunlight does it receive? When does the sunshine in your backyard? What is the state of your soil? Is it sand-like or clay-like in texture? Is your garden protected from rain or will it be flooded by roof runoff? These are all factors to think about before choosing plants. Choosing a plant that thrives in your yard will ensure the plants success and reduce your labor load in the long term. Its easy to get caught up in thinking about the flowers we want to bloom in our yard and forget about how the yard will appear in between blooming seasons. The first step in a successful landscape design is to focus on the foliage. When choosing flowering plants, pay attention to the bloom times on the tag. Plants that bloom from early spring to late October make for a beautiful environment. Choose a handful of your favorites for each season and plant them around your landscape for year-round blooming. Use a mix of deciduous trees (those that loose their leaves each year) and evergreens to keep things interesting throughout the year. The bones of your garden are evergreens and garden features such as fences and stone walls. Consider where the nicest snowfall appears and how you may use evergreens to create a lovely environment even in the dead of winter.


To make an effect, use topiaries or weeping trees, as well as variegated plants. However, these types should only be used in moderation. Use a couple to frame a walkway or as a focal point in your yard, but dont go crazy. Less is more in this scenario. Plant a bunch of shrubs that are all of the same variety. Only a handful should be used as specimen plants. Using it in a variety of ways throughout your design helps to establish focal points. Perennials and blooming plants look best when planted in clusters. Planting several together to form a "puddle" will give them a more natural appearance and make them appear less formal. The look of planting in rows or lines is more formal. Luxury Antonovich Design offers everything youll need to create a stunning scene. Visit any of our locations and speak with a representative to learn more about how we can assist you.

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