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Decoration Stairs

Decoration stairs

In the modern interior one of the most important elements is stair design. This is not only a necessary and functional element, but also a real interior decoration in any style. Luxury Antonovich Design, interior design studio in Dubai highlights the creation of exclusive luxury and hospitality as the stairs are an important area of work. Decoration stairs can be made of different materials, such as marble, wood, precious metals, stainless steel and glass. Everything depends on the style of the interior, its area and ideas of designers.

Stairs from Luxury Antonovich Design is:

- Unique design
- Perfect implementation that underlies the durability and reliability of structures. reliability and durability.
- Providing all the drawings and detailed visualization
- The combination of handmade work with the latest technology.

There are several basic types of stairs that lead to the upper floors
Saddle stairs
Decoration stairs on the strings
Stairs and rails
Spiral interior stairs

Saddle stairs is one of the most popular types, such stairs idea you can insert in the premises of any configuration. We create the perfect configuration of interior stairs according to customized templates.
Stairs on the string is an exquisite art of architecture. With the help of stairs, you can perfectly emphasize the exquisite taste of the house owner. Stairs of this type have a luxurious appearance, it is convenient. This is rather complex structure that requires a professional approach to the creation. Stairs design is also in harmony with the interior style. This may be as decoration stairs in a classic style, and the interior stairs in a modern style.

Stairs and rails are the perfect choice for interiors in a modern style or high-tech, because they are usually made of stainless steel. This type of stairs is different visually by lightness and at the same time is able to withstand heavy loads. The configuration can also be refined and sophisticated, to complement the artistic expressiveness of the interior.

Helical or spiral stairs are the most popular kind to be installed in small areas. These stairs save space and at the same time retain its interior decoration function.
Stairs design takes into account the materials from which stairs are produced. Traditional materials include wood, metal, and marble. All these materials are wonderfully combined. Designers of Luxury Antonovich Design studio create luxury options, using both traditional moments, and the latest technology.
Stairs made of precious wood complement the respectable image of the interior in a classical style. Carved handmade items inlaid with precious metals, gilding and patination are a wonderful way to decorate the staircase of wood portals.
In our work we keep basic rules and regulations to ensure that your decorations stairs not only luxuriously complement the interior, but also are comfortable and safe. In creating stairs of wood we consider that steps depth should be at least 30 cm and the average height of 15 cm. The width of the stairs at least 80cm.
Metal decoration stairs are also very popular in the interiors. Today particularly popular combination of marble and metal, as well as the use of forged balustrades made of bronze or brass. If the stair garland is made entirely of metal, it ensures that it will be able to withstand high loads. This type of stairs has got special operational properties and are often used in the interiors of public buildings. Metal harmonises perfectly with wood, stone and glass. It allows you to create unique design solutions of metal stairs.
Stair design from Luxury Antonovich Design studio differs by luxurious look and flawless implementation. Our specialists create stairs in strict accordance with the design. You can enjoy your future stairs in a detailed 3D visualization. Each decoration stairs is an architectural masterpiece that will delight with beauty and increase the investment value of your property.

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