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Wall covering (luxury wallpaper, decorative plaster, paint


For elite cottages and beautiful country houses and apartments you need a very special decoration of the walls. Such exclusive wall coverings are decorative Venetian plaster, textile wallpaper, wall paintings and decorative interior panels. Modern designers of Luxury Antonovich Design believe that the texture of the wall covering is of paramount importance in relation to color. The metallic surface, the cold glass, the softness of textile or the roughness of the plaster are appropriate in classical and extravagant interiors.


Decorative Venetian plaster is a multi-layered decorative coating, which is made of lime and imitates the external texture of polished marble. This plaster can be combined with a classic interior, and with more modern interiors, created by Luxury Antonovich Design. It can glossy, matte or with different visual components. Luxury Venetian plaster gives a special charm to the interior.

Speaking about the main advantages of textile wallpaper can be called the following: when they are used, the walls become more voluminous, and the seams are almost invisible. The walls, covered with textile wallpaper, look perfect, they are classically smooth. Speaking about the technical characteristics of textile wallpaper, we need to remind about their good thermal insulation, color fastness, fire resistance, anti-static, excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation. Textile wallpapers are great for bedroom, living room, study, childrens room interiors.

Walls painted by hand by experienced artists of Luxury Antonovich Design look very unusual and truly luxurious. Beautiful and original images on the walls enliven the interior and give a unique comfort to your home.


Decorative wall panels are attractive because of their decorativeness and pretentiousness. Luxury Antonovich Design decorating ideas in this case have an inexhaustible resource:

— Incredibly fashionable is covering the walls with panels of leather. This material personifies status and elegance, and over time it becomes more and more respectable. Also, wall panels can be covered with fabrics. This gives the interior a touch of comfort and luxury.

— A variety of textures, finishes and materials allows embossed gypsum panels to decorate the interior with unusual shapes. For their production Luxury Antonovich Design uses environmentally safe durable gypsum, which provides products with a long service life.

— Wood — is a classic option. Such panels can be either fancy or restrained — depending on the type of wood used — satin wood, eucalyptus, ebony, but in addition to the breed, the method of fit-out is also important. Painting, varnishing, patination — processing determines the final appearance and texture of the wall panel.

You were able to see how diverse and unusual the wall covering in modern conditions by Luxury Antonovich Design can be. The choice is yours!

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