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The main aim of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio is to create exclusive projects of elite interiors and exteriors, as well as to implement everything at the highest level. We use the best materials, decorative items and accessories. For our projects, we offer elite windows that meet the highest quality standards.

Elite windows by Luxury Antonovich Design are

  • Perfect quality.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Aesthetic perfection
  • Absolute comfort

In our work we are constantly improving the quality of services and use the latest technology. For each project in terms of windows selection, we keep an individual approach. The main types of windows in modern homes are wooden and aluminum windows.
Speaking about the elite wooden windows, this is a classic choice for a respectable building. They are produced with the latest technology in order to maintain natural qualities of a usual tree. The main advantages of wooden windows are naturalness and environmental friendliness. They are made from materials such as pine, larch, and oak. Windows made of pine differ with low weight, low density, which guarantees a wonderful ventilation in a room. Elite wooden windows made of larch have the additional advantage, i.e. to evolve phytoncides, which are useful for the environment.  And the most popular material for the elite windows manufacture is definitely an oak. These windows have got such features as an aesthetic perfection, durability and an ability to make any building really aristocratic.
Modern manufacturing techniques of wooden windows allow to make them with a high security, protection against dust and smog, as well as innovative climate systems. We use the windows only from the best manufacturers, which are absolutely warranted. All elements such as windows, furniture, wood are reliable and durable.
For public buildings, shopping centers and modern exteriors, elite aluminum windows will be perfect. We offer high-quality aluminum windows, which are totally reliable. This is the most durable type of windows, which is not affected by the environment. Architectural solutions of modern buildings are possible in many different variations, thanks to modern windows. Latest glass coating makes them self-cleaning, which is very functional and efficient.

We constantly monitor new products. For the most respectable buildings, the world's leading factories produce windows according to sketches of our designers.


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