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Contemporary luxury office design


A lot of companies today are overlooking the importance of designing their office. The usual design of an office is working in cubicle areas which tends to make the office look isolated. An office’s design should be considered as one of the branding factors in order to reflect the message and style, and goals of the company. As the work culture change our company has also evolved at the turn of the millennium, we adapted to the modern and contemporary designs that trend today. The revolution of the way people do their business has pushed us further to develop a new sense of style and design for modern offices. Today, the contemporary design consists of amazing pop of colors, may it be pastel or bright colors. There is also a need for more open space designs which is perfect for a more comfortable layout of the office. The core of modern office design leans towards a more functional and simple design over intricate and complicated details. It is an aesthetic that is designed with the contemporary principles of the workplace. With productivity and efficiency, your employees would definitely love a more peaceful workplace. One of our trademarks is having a piece of sleek contemporary furniture. The color palette that we choose is more ambient and luxurious looking for a better outcome of the space. We want you to understand the contemporary and the modern design ideas so we created this article for you to learn more about it.


  • We applied a warmer mood lighting which has given way by bright white lights that adds an aura of a cool and professional look.
  • The furniture pieces that we used in this office gives a nice welcoming ambiance and it makes your clients love the vibe in your office. Having sleek and elegant furniture makes your office more comfortable and inviting.
  • The marble flooring with a hint of shimmering gold makes it look more exquisite in every single way.


  • The dominating sleek and shiny marble tables, a sofa set with a glass center table, and a mixture of sturdy wooden furniture builds this conference room a more relaxed workspace.
  • Comfortable chairs with unique shapes are developed and design with an ergonomic function which makes working much more relaxing.
  • Paintings, carvings, laser cut metals, are used to create an artistic focal point in each corner of the office.

Luxury Antonovich Design will incorporate these principles and personalizes each design to fit the character of your business. Keeping the workplace stylish and elegant, our additional design ideas are also incorporated to enhance the design elements. We are the perfect design firm who will seamlessly craft your offices interior design to provide you more efficincy and aesthetics. Contact us for more details.

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