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Fresh office design


Your office should personalize your company. Our company Luxury Antonovich Design is ready to do incredible things, so that your corporate identity was not limited to business cards and booklets. Our professional interior designers will take your style to a new level. We will make the atmosphere in the office imbued with the spirit of the company, revealing its mission, approach and personality. This will help you to appropriate to these qualities of the interior design of the office. Your office is the face of your business, the key to its success and the foundation for comfortable work. Our approach to office interior design will help to achieve harmony of such incompatible elements as style and status, beauty and functionality, convenience and individualism.

Modern office interior is a competent designer work, based on cooperation with the customer. Mutual trust and understanding between our designers and our clients is the basis for creating a flawless interior. Convenience and functionality for employees, image and status for clients — all this is possible if the interior of your office is handled by a specialist from the Luxury Antonovich Design Company.


The office has a number of parameters that must be considered when it is arranged. An important task for creating the perfect interior is to conduct zoning, dividing the entire area into functional rooms. Routes of movement of employees and visitors, places of interaction — showrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, recreation areas, a place for presentations.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company pays special attention to the selection of high-quality furniture, lamps and decor when it comes to design the office interior. It is very important for us to keep a balance between beauty and functionality.

On the example of this office project, you can see the original approach to interior design, the appearance of which will catch the attention of others for a long time. The space is divided into several parts, which surprise with its three-dimensional structure. Walls and ceilings of an extremely unusual look create a fancy atmosphere. In such an interior, the ceiling acts as the main color accent, as well as a global element of decor. Our designers decided to design the interior so that the ceiling appeared as a continuation of the walls. Through this solution, the integrity of the interior is achieved and there is no separation.

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