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Modern open office design


Any office is a kind of business card, the face of the company. A lot of things depend on how a particular company’s workspace is organized and formed: forming the initial opinions of customers and partners, the convenience of staff and customers interaction, the efficiency of processing customer orders. The office is a place of creativity, modernity, the birth of ideas and therefore the office design in the open space style has become so popular for designers of the Luxury Antonovich Design Company.

Open plan office determines the layout of the working space, office, in which there are no walls as such. The only exception is the offices of managers — glass walls. Partition transparency supports the open office concept. Open space can be called a democratic office. This type of work space organization has long enjoyed success with advanced and successful companies.


In the office landscape by Luxury Antonovich Design all the tables are arranged in a peculiar order, at a different angle to each other, forming working zones of different sizes and configurations. In this creative “chaos” lies a clear order based on a detailed study of the relationship between different departments and individuals. The situation in the office of such a plan leads to an exchange of views and communication. Thanks to this, company employees are becoming more united in every respect.

The benefits of open space are:

— ease of control by management;

— ease of communication between employees;

— fast interaction between employees working on the same task;

— eye contact;

— democratic relationship;

— planning solves the issue of saving.

In this office design project there is a room for meetings and negotiations. Due to the use of frosted glass partitions instead of walls, this room has effective sound insulation. The office provides meeting rooms, recreation areas with comfortable sofas, flexible spaces for conference rooms, playrooms and work areas.

In general, the new project of the open space office from Luxury Antonovich Design Company demonstrates the skill of our designers. It was expressed in the ability to rationally use of space, breaking it up into functional zones with the help of a partition system.

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