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Contemporary Bedroom Interior

There are interior decoration, looking at which the eye rests, a mood becomes smooth and pleasant and you feels relaxed.It is such a lovely emotions, gives this beautiful interior of a bedroom in modern style. Interior Designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio created a comfortable oasis for owners of the elite house three bedroom plan, where you can relax after a day full of events and actions 3 bedroom plan. In a light palette of hues are dominant cream, coffee, and cocoa. High ceilings adorned by a shallow niche with a crystal chandelier in the middle. And to achieve varying degrees illumination of the bedroom interior depending on the mood, interior designers have proposed additional ceiling lights.Refinement and respectability to the bedroom interior brought elite furniture made of dark wood, which is covered with varnish.The floor is decorated with precious marble in bright colors (3 bedroom building plan). To compensate for the coolness of a stone, interior designers use large natural carpet in the bed area.Decorative plaster of cream color with a matte effect is what highlights the other more colorful details.Thin inserts of mirrors elegantly extending the space and make the room visually more spacious.Luxury bed with high upholstered headboard, which is upholstered with natural leather of milky hue, had exquisitely decorated the sitting room decor and brought such necessary moments of comfort.The curtains in the interior of the bedroom became a wonderful final moment of warmth and comfort.Silk of two shades adorn the high windows.Charming soft Holders with brushes as well as elegant sconces give pleasant festive accents decoration pictures.

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