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Modern Bedroom Interior

Bold and imaginative solutions by designers of this authors project fully comply with bold and imaginative nature of the apartment owners. Customers wanted daring solutions and were ready for bold experiments. Bedroom design in a modern style became harmonious continuation of a complete image of the first floor of the apartment. Apartment Design Dubai has an expressive and colorful character with a wonderful feeling of warmth and spectacular nature of the design solutions in the spirit of modern trends in technology. A great tendency to the open space, which is inherent in a modern interior, is present in a bedroom here. The bedroom is separated from the living area by a partition with an insert of translucent glass and stripe of the modern fireplace. The absence of the traditional door adjusts to the particular thrills and seductive notes. The bed is of wood, which is based on a veiled base. And the role of the headboard is played by a soft wall panel, which extends over the entire area of ​​the wall. The panel is upholstered in noble velvet of pale beige hue and complemented by an insert made of dark wood. This insert exquisitely resonates with floors of wood of valuable species. And the panel itself elegantly emphasizes the warmth of home comfort, like a light fluffy rug. Another bold and ingenious solution was to replace the traditional chandeliers with lines of LED backlight. The soft blue glow under the bed creates a visual effect of weightlessness. The bed seemed to hover in a cozy space of the luxurious bedroom.

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