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Beautiful houses

Effective planning for beautiful houses

The Luxury Antonovich Design Studio is proudly presenting the beautiful house's creations that have been done through the best design implementation by the top professional design team. Each of every masterpiece has been very well designed and created from the world-class design executions which are being conducted from a very meticulous stage of work started with a proper space planning solution that will bring out the perfect balance in all spaces and interior design towards the full area. Once that a residential project has been executed from systematic space planning, it will surely achieve the perfect form of style with the most functional space that makes it even more beautiful and stunning. During the first stages of the implementation for every residential project, there will be a set of planning that has to be done in the most effective and the meticulous way that can be done only by the professional interior design team. That is why it is very important to select the best design team that will be providing the full design and planning development for every residential project.

As the top interior design company in Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design has been very well known as the best provider of residential projects not only in the city but also in the whole country, as it has been developing the top residential projects that own by VIP’s, businessman, international investors, royal families, and more. Luxury Antonovich Design will never compromise every project design development that the team is handling; as they have the highest standard procedures when it comes to the manpower recruitment that only professionals and world-class artist is capable enough to be part of the team. The effective planning procedure that is being performed during the first stages of the project, development is being executed by the full interior design team with the cooperation of the engineers, architects, 3D artists, and project manager. With the best teamwork comes a great design result, however, in every stage of project development, the participation of the project owner is also very important and very helpful to accomplish the best interior design result according to every requirement and the best desirable arrangement.

Tips to achieve a beautiful house design

  • It is very important to start the project development with a proper space planning solution
  • Make sure that every area of the house will achieve a functional design
  • Develop the interior design setting with a perfect balance in style and spaces to avoid congestion
  • Decide on the best concept design that will reflect on the personality of the owner
  • Select the best furniture design and premium-class materials that will be suitable for the concept design of the house
  • Selecting the best chandelier design and to achieve the perfect arrangement of lighting will bring out the right blend of brightness towards the interior that will result in a cozy atmosphere.
  • Do not miss to decorate the joinery works and select the best materials to achieve the best design feature of the interior for the kitchen, wardrobe, and all doors design.
  • Be creative to put some art in the flooring as it will contribute an extra accent towards the full interior design of a beautiful house
  • Decorations and home accessories will complete the full interior design set up, make sure to select the best set of style that will complement the interior design concept.

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