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Clinic's exterior designing


The facade of the house, the landscape and the surroundings are three integral parts of the project of the future building. The exterior of the building is its outer shell and business card. From what it will be, depends on the first impression of the building itself. In the implementation of exterior project of the clinic Luxury Antonovich Design uses innovative materials and technologies. We have many years of experience in designing the exterior of special purpose buildings. In addition to the design of exteriors, we take into account all the nuances: facade glazing, installation of exterior elements, installation of the roof.

The concept of the exterior of a private clinic was thought out by our architects and designers to the smallest detail. The idea of this project was to make the building not look like a hospital. Therefore, both in the exterior and in the interior of the clinic, we used materials that a person has associated with the house — wood, stone, glass, metal. The architecture of the facade of the clinic by Luxury Antonovich Design and its interior design is designed to make visitors feel not in the hospital, but somewhere in a more pleasant place, such as a salon. The entrance area for visitors, and the surrounding of the building, emphasizing the environmental friendliness of the clinic, are filled with light and green plants. The exterior design of the clinic turned out to be friendly and original.


Exterior decoration of the building, which demonstrates this project of the clinic by Luxury Antonovich Design, requires special attention. The most modern materials were used in the design of the facade, thanks to which the building looks stylish, presentable and concise. In the part of the facade where the clinics signboard is located, composite panels are used; below, the cladding is made of glossy black heavy-duty glass with the addition of decorative lighting elements. The adjacent territory is lined with paving slabs of durable materials, preventing the possibility of slip and ideally harmonizing with the design of the entire building, made in modern style.

The exterior of the entire building in the complex does not look very massive for such an impressive size of the object. Large floor-to-ceiling windows are made of solid glass on the principle of shop windows; transparent entrance doors, glossy fit-out materials and a muted gamut of the facade color scheme emphasize the business style of the clinic by Luxury Antonovich Design, and create a comfortable environment for visitors.

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