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Classic Hall Fit-Out With Elegant Staircase


The stone staircase is the most durable and reliable construction, an integral element of classical architectural ensembles. Ceremonial staircases made of marble and granite are the central decoration of palace complexes, ancient manors and aristocratic houses from the Luxury Antonovich Design.

Recently, there has been an increasing interest in artistic interior compositions of halls that use expensive natural minerals. The introduction of advanced technologies for processing precious stones has significantly expanded the range of materials used for the manufacture and fit-out of steps, columns, decorative elements that adorn the stairways.

Marble stairs, fit-out by our professional craftsmen, have proven operational reliability and are considered a model of noble aesthetics. In respectable interiors from the company Luxury Antonovich Design, a staircase made of natural stone — marble, is an important component of the stylistic ensemble, a central compositional element of the design space of classic hall.


The fit-out of the stone staircase in the project of classic hall are the elements of decoration, the hammered railings and the steps themselves. The aesthetic perception of a stairways system depends on the qualitative properties of the materials. Steps of white and soft cream marble give the room a festive solemn look, and stairwell of glossy mineral creates a feeling of noble luxury.

The variety of natural colors of marble allows our masters from Luxury Antonovich Design to use it in various color combinations. The stone staircase of the hall was designed for a specific interior space, taking into account its functionality and purpose. The artistic uniqueness of the marble staircase of this beautiful classical hall is given by artistic decoration — forged railings, curved fences, carved baseboards and inlays. When designing this chic marble staircase, Luxury Antonovich Design designers used two technologies: cladding the steps with marble tiles and solid slab elements.

The work on the design, fit-out and installation of stone stairway of the classic hall is performed by our engineers and highly skilled craftsmen specializing in the implementation of specialized orders. The project is developed on the basis of architecture, layout and stylistic design of the entire interior of the house, taking into account even the landscape design.

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