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Prestige Marble Floor Design And Fit-Out


High-quality facing of the floor with natural stone gives the interior a special nobility. Traditionally, the arrangement of premium flooring people use natural fit-out material — marble. Stone is a universal finishing material. It is easily combined with wood, glass, metal, has its own unique pattern and texture, looks favorably in any room. The floor of solid marble slabs from Luxury Antonovich Design in combination with marble panels looks luxurious and stylish. This is ideal for a spacious living room or a hall with classic interior design. Marble tiles for the floor at the same time are beautiful, durable and functional.

Katrina Antonovich - Goddes Of Marble Floor Design

Marble floors made by our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design are, first of all, very beautiful and aristocratic. The texture of the stone is quite soft, presented in a wide range of shades and structures. Marble floors can be varied not only by type of processing, but also by color, because they can be made of one material or they can combine several types of stone at the same time.


The marble panel from made by Luxury Antonovich Design Company is a combined material where the beauty of natural stone and the skill of talented artists and decorators are intertwined. The use of marble panels in the decoration and fit-out of floors helps to create unusual linear patterns in the interiors. Marble floor from Luxury Antonovich Design is not just a simple interior surface. This is a real work of art of talented craftsmen. Marble has an amazing ability to combine solidity and durability with grace and sophistication. In order to ensure the quality and durability of installation, our specialists use professional materials. Marble tiles and panels are laid according to the design idea, which is discussed in advance with the customer. The installation of slabs is not the final stage of the marble floor fit-out from Luxury Antonovich Design. After the installation, our specialists carry out work to protect the surface of marble from the onset of various stains and extend the life by polishing and grinding with maximum precision. And in order to protect the marble floor from the negative mechanical impact, our professionals carry out waxing. This is the final touch in the work of laying marble floors.

Marble flooring by Luxury Antonovich Design has many advantages: the magnificent brilliance, texture and richness of the colors of this stone allows to create the most luxurious and unusual interiors. Marble floors create an atmosphere of harmony, grandeur, reliability and rigor in the room. The great advantage of marble flooring is the possibility of repolishing, restoration of its original appearance.

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