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Bedroom Decoration And Fit-Out In Modern Style


Bedroom is a room with a special atmosphere. It is designed to perform several important functions. Here people rest after hardworking day. And is it worth talking about the role of romance and comfort, which is also assigned to this room? Luxury Antonovich Design Company knows how to combine all these parameters and make it beautiful. We offer professional services for designer renovation and fit-out of the bedroom. We have extensive experience in finishing work in bedrooms of various styles.

It is no coincidence that the choice of the design of the room, where you sleep and have wonderful dreams, relax, read, watch TV, should be approached very carefully. Correctly chosen bedroom decoration and fit-out is extremely important. It should be calm, the best neutral, but at the same time emphasizing the individual image. The bedroom is a complex room; aesthetics, functionality and convenience should be combined here. The choice of methods and fit-out materials is quite extensive.


The bedroom is a place of rest, therefore this room by Luxury Antonovich Design is made in calm colors from gently beige to light brown, as in the bedroom it is preferable to have pastel colors and a calm fit-out. The whole interior is designed in the same style — all the details, from furniture to small decor, belong to one direction — modern style.

In this bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design there is a lot of light. In addition to the large windows, decorated with amazing flowing curtains, our designers installed additional sources of soft light: luxurious original designer chandelier, bedside lamps and spotlights. Our designers scrupulously thought out the arrangement of the furniture, set the light correctly, took care of the ventilation, which plays a special role in the bedroom — there will not be a good sleep without fresh air.

The floor in the modern bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design is comfortable and warm. The soft carpet with a geometric pattern certainly looks great on a creamy-colored marble floor. We will take care of your valuable rest and comfort. Our craftsmen will pay attention to every fit-out detail. Luxury Antonovich Design focus the choice only on high-quality, environmentally friendly and safe materials.

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