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architecture firms dubai

Architecture firms Dubai

  • How to choose the best architecture plan for home and not make a mistake.
  • What services are provided by best architecture firm websites
  • Consultation — site selection, house size and location, construction technology, materials used.

Making a draft design — a plan of the whole house and its floors separately, stylistic solutions for the exterior and interior. It is desirable if several variants best floor plans are prepared and in 3D-graphics. At this stage, internal communications should also be thought out — the plan for electricity, telecommunications, air conditioning, heating, water supply, ventilation and so on, with all calculations.

The architectural design, for example, the best floor plan for 4 bedroom house includes a detailed plan of each room, floor, drawings of architectural elements of the house, drawings of all engineering solutions, a description of all materials used The designer house plans must include all the working drawings. A designer must design a material object and bear responsibility for it, and not just draw pictures.

Another service of the best architecture firm websites — architectural supervision of construction. This service guarantees the high quality of construction because only the architect can make the best architecture plan for home and control the construction of the house according to his own project, solve conflict situations with builders and identify problems in the early stages?

Designer house plans

It is necessary to draft a contract for designing a house using best floor plans. It does not matter who will provide the template for the contract — you or the architect. The main thing to read carefully and, if in doubt, consult a lawyer.

Terms of Reference in writing (required) will provide an opportunity to prove their case in case of disputes during the construction phase. The more detailed and more competent you will paint your wishes, the easier it will be for the architect to create the best architecture plan for home as close as possible to your dream.

An objective assessment of needs will help create the best architecture plan for home and avoid problems with exploitation. Well think, is it worth to make the best floor plan for 4 bedroom house for a family of 4 people. Will not you fill yourself uncomfortable in a two-story house with three rooms and one bathroom, when three children will grow up and wish to acquire their own families without leaving their native nest for at least the first years?

From the correct choice of designer house plans depends on not only the appearance of the future house but also its reliability and liquidity in case of possible sale. Even if the site is attractive, the view from the windows is stunning, and the materials are expensive, but the house itself will be designed poorly, then living in such a house will be unpleasant, and it is will be difficult to sell at a good price.

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