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Best master bedroom design in Luxury Concept

Luxury classic style in the interior attracts by the use of most daring designers improvisations. You can play with a palette of shades, materials, a geometry of shapes and lines. The main thing is to create exactly the ideal space that will reflect the character of the owner of the house. This is the only way to achieve perfect harmony. After all, no matter how the designers designed the interior the design studio Antonovich Design is always dedicated to the client, his dreams and hopes to get something unique and exceptional. Looking at this beautiful spacious bedroom you can give definitions for the character of its owner. This is a man with an easy character, an open mind and the ability to see the important small things. It would seem that a discreet range of cool colors in this interior of a beautiful bedroom plays absolutely unexpectedly bright and attractive. Soft velvet of a muted gray shade became the basis of textile design in the interior. The large headboard of the bed and its footboard are upholstered with a soft velvet panel with shallow shrinkage in a geometric ornament. This softness of silvery color continued in the decoration of the large window. Direct folds of the curtains perfectly combined with the white tulle. Even without that, the spacious room has an interesting effect of the infinity of luxurious space. This effect interior designers Dubai achieve with the help of mirrors in the decor, as well as multifaceted ceiling decor. The decorative mirror panel on the wall behind the headboard reflects the beautiful interior dividing it into many beautiful moments.

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