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Elite & Classy Bedroom Interior Design

The concept of a modern bedroom

There are so many different rooms in the world. As one of the best interior and modern design firm the Luxury Antonovich Design have innovated different styles for a modern bedroom. Clean lines and equal shapes are a great additional element to a modern bedroom. The concept is to make the room look more spacious and less cluttered. Modern homes should have functionality and the things that should have purpose inside the modern bedroom. A design mixed with something classic and something new, making it the best idea for a bedroom in this era.

Elements are everything

The modern bedroom has different elements. The walls that are concrete, the wooden floors will add a certain accent and mood to the bedroom. Being able to put together a room with elements that complement the entire modern home is perfect for adding a characteristic to groom. Keeping a concept that is attractive and lovely will add the personality of a modern bedroom. The wood adds a homier feeling which creates a relaxing environment in the room. The exact combination is grey, wood, and gold. The Mirror also creates a huge impact in making the room more spacious and less crowded.

Color it Neutral

The color of the bedroom is rather neutral. The gold acts as an accent color to the room creating depth, and it accentuates the beautiful room more. The dark panels of the curtain that is floor to ceiling make the room look higher and wider. The balance between the warm color and the light from the chandelier makes a great illumination for the modern bedroom. Making the grey tone as the main focal point shade in this room makes an accent that is intended to awe every guest that comes to your home. Choosing the right color to pop with neutral is very tricky. But once you achieve the perfect combination, then this will be a great interior that is pleasing to the eyes.

Blending the furniture

There are a few main things that complete a bedroom. First, of course, is the bed, in this elite model house design the chosen bed is in grey. The neutral grey creates a crisp ambiance that becomes the heaven of your rather tiring day. Grey gives balance to the roo, its soft but not too bright, not even masculine and feminine. Its just somewhere in between. Its dramatic and a little bold at the same time. It reflects a crisp and classy design with the touches of wood and gold that accentuates the rooms beauty. The rustic charm design will surely capture your serenity, making you calm and comfortable.

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