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Double bedroom interior designing


In a bedroom, it might be difficult to fit into two twin beds, our team makes sure that we measure the bedroom first before starting the decoration. After we measure the bedroom we make sure to choose the best fitting bed in it. We first sketch up the area to see where the doors, windows, and the directions are not going to be a distraction to the bed frames. This is a great help on how to place all the furniture pieces in the bedroom. We make sure to measure all the fixed points in your bedroom. Based on the size of your bedroom, we place the beds in which space is maximized to the fullest. Having a square room with two beds should have enough space on opposite sides. Distance is an important part in arranging these beds that is why we make sure to follow these guidelines to make sure that the bedroom design looks pleasing and symmetrical.

  • We placed the two beds lengthwise against the wall in this luxurious bedroom. This style maximizes the space allotted in the bedroom.
  • We added a dresser which goes under the television to maximize the floor area with a wide space to make the room look bigger.
  • The strategical designing of the doors, windows, and furniture makes you have enough room to walk around.


This one room with a two-bed is a nice functional technique to have enough space for everyone to sleep in. This can be a great guest room design. Aside from that, the decor should also be an amazing complementing color. Look into this specific project of Luxury Antonovich Design to find inspiration in a two-bed bedroom. The idea of having two beds are is for guests who can share a space but still have an individual room on their own.

  • The elegant bedding and headboard make a stand in this room. The champagne color with a touch of blue is an amazing combination which looks elegant and sophisticated.
  • We designed this room with a sitting room and a television set which adds a nice entertainment area in this bedroom.
  • There is a sitting room across the beds so there is a comfortable area to sit-in especially if you want to relax and watch television or maybe read a book.
  • We placed a dresser with mirror for an easy vanity space where anyone can fix their hair or do their make up.
  • This bedroom also includes a personal bathroom which also goes with the theme of the bedroom. Its in a nude shade with a nice bathtub where your guests can soak after a long tiring day.

Overall, adding two bed in one bedroom is a nice and cozy idea which provides separate comfort to your guests. This will give them a sense of togetherness without invading each others privacy. For more details about this bedroom, you can message us directly. Please feel free to let us know how we can help you.

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