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Bedrooms design ideas

Design a bedroom in a modern style was good for decorating guest bedrooms in a luxury house. The friendly and hospitable hosts in such a way sought to demonstrate that they are always welcome guests and offer them the best.The gamma of warm beige and brown colors prevail in the interior of the bedroom.The big window decorated with beautiful curtains made of natural silk color of milk chocolate. Their, textile designers from studio Laksheri Antonovich design, complemented by beautiful box pleat. Refined and unpretentious looks translucent tulle of milky hue. Special attention the interior designers pay to wall design.Two opposite walls are decorated with luxurious decor panels.Soft panels of creamy color genuine leather look superb. A special method of laying in the form of shallow grooves in vertical wide stripes visually lengthens the interior of the bedroom.Decor panels are not only wonderfully decorate the interior, but also serve as an excellent soundproofing material. The soft panel also serves as a large comfortable bed headboard. It is framed by panels made of wood valuable species, which is covered with varnish.With these panels perfectly matches the furniture in bedroom interior. In the room all very harmonious, comfortable and functional.Friendly and laid-back nature of the interior continues in the ceiling decor. A shallow niche around the perimeter outlined by a line of soft lighting. nd in the center, the ceiling is decorated elegant chandelier in the style of Art Deco. For floors, interior designers offered precious marble and soft natural carpet.

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