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A Fine and Relaxing bedroom design

We love the drama and refinement that dark colors offer. True, bright and airy walls make the area look larger, but a dark navy paint or gray (or even black) is strong and beautiful. Dark paint colors, in particular, make a big impression in a small space. Dark paint colors look rich and classy in a small living room, dining room, or even as an accent wall. A dark gray tone will look classy and complement a farmhouse living room perfectly. Throw pillows in a glam style on your bed and sofa not only make your space soft and inviting, but they also make it appear velvety and layered.

As in fashion, a few ornamental items can quickly bring your outfit together and improve it. Similarly, place some décor throughout your home, especially on accent tables. Stack a few books on your console table, bedside table, or coffee table, add some wall art, and a few beautiful vases, and you've instantly transformed your space. But don't go overboard; a crowded environment will detract from the premium impression you're attempting to create.

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