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Woolen Carpets — Charming Design And Natural Look


It is difficult, perhaps, to imagine an apartment, a country house or a cottage without such an attribute as a carpet. Such soft covering decorates any interior of the room, whether it be classical or modern, introducing feeling of heat and coziness. When choosing such a product, many prefer natural carpets. After all, they are famous for environmental friendliness, practicality and softness. There are a lot of products made from natural materials. On the modern market there are presented carpets made of silk, cotton and wool. But the most common ones are wool carpets.

Katrina Antonovich Designs Spectacular Woolen Carpets

When creating a unique interior various textile is widely used. With heavy curtains or light curtains, bedspreads, blankets and pillows, carpets made of natural wool by Luxury Antonovich Design are perfectly combined. The popularity of woolen carpets is easily explained. They perform several functions at once:

— color and semantic accent in design;

— achievement of home comfort in any room of the house or apartment;

— floor insulation — walk barefoot on a wool carpet is unusually pleasant and comfortable;

— the ability to create a unique oriental style in interior design.


Many owners of private houses and apartments fell in love with woolen carpets from Luxury Antonovich Design for their unique property — heat preservation. This feature is due to the fact that for the manufacture of our carpets we use wool of sheep, goats and camels, which in itself has a low thermal conductivity. That is why carpets made of natural wool are best suited for cold rooms.

In addition to the thermal properties, Luxury Antonovich Design carpets have a number of other features:

— do not electrify;

— have high strength;

— perfectly retain their original shape;

— pleasant to the touch.

Carpets made of natural wool surprisingly combine practical properties and beauty. A huge variety of color solutions, elegant lines, floral patterns and beautiful ornaments — the designer fantasies of our craftsmen have no boundaries. Woolen carpet from Luxury Antonovich Design will favorably emphasize the style in which the room is decorated, will bring a special elegance and beauty. If you nevertheless decided to buy a woolen carpet, then the atmosphere in your home will become cozy and even warmer. Nowadays, you can find a large assortment of different options. It can be handmade models, small rugs. Some are made using special machines, while others are created by hand.

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