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Marble Tiles — Incorporation Into Interior Design


Interior design products made of natural materials in the decoration and fit-out of the house or apartment have always been popular for people who appreciate the quality, durability and uniqueness of the texture. Each slice of colored stone is unique in drawing and play of light and shade. Even marble produced by Luxury Antonovich Design in one deposit is always different. Marble floor tiles — is a product that annually gains incredible recognition and demand. It has long ceased to be an expensive building and fit-out material, and today marble tile is available to anyone who appreciates quality and beauty.

Katrina Antonovich And Luxury Antonovich Design - Besr Marble Manufacturer

Luxury Antonovich Design marble tile is used for interior fir-out and interior design of living rooms, fireplace halls, bathrooms, for the manufacture of kitchen worktops and bar counters, decor items. Marble pattern gives the room sophistication and charm. Natural patterns, presented in soft colors, do not stress the interior. No matter how you decorate the room, and whatever ideas you embody, the elegance of natural fir-out material always looks appropriate.


Some believe that marble is a cold stone. And its true. But thanks to its porous structure, it not only heats up easily, but also retains heat for a long time. This allows you to safely install a warm floor, which is so popular today, because the marble floors from Luxury Antonovich Design will not crack and separate under the influence of temperature.

In the interior of a modern apartment or house, trimming the bottom surface with Luxury Antonovich Design natural stone tiles is appropriate in most rooms:

— on the stairs;

— in the hall;

— in the living room — mosaic panel;

— in the bedroom — under the system warm floor;

— in the bathroom and toilet (not afraid of moisture);

— in the kitchen — on the floor, windowsill and apron, as a companion fit-out.

Marble tiles on the floor in the design of the apartment from Luxury Antonovich Design is the best interior fit-out solution for those who decided to abandon the linoleum and laminate in favor of fit-out of natural stone. All types of marble tiles can be used for lining the floor. Marble in the form of tiles of different colors and textures looks most impressive. Speaking of small marble tiles, it is worthwhile to dwell on a marble mosaic. It will look much more profitable than a plain marble floor, will wonderfully complement any interior, give it aristocratic luxury and home comfort.

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