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Wardrobes Renovation Dubai


Walk-in closet interior design Dubai is always a welcome addition to any home. These walk-in closet renovations for an interior design Dubai by Luxury Antonovich Design reveal that these are the new must-have spaces in the home by incorporating furniture—especially opulent seating—and focused on showing rather than merely keeping clothing. Closet interior design Dubai, like many other domestic items, has a lot of beauty these days. Whether your closet interior design Dubai serves solely as a location to store clothes or, as is increasingly the case, as a dressing room or sitting area, it must be versatile, sturdy, and easy to use. Here are a few suggestions for improving the functionality of any closet interior design Dubai, regardless of its size or contents. Utilize every inch of available space, from the ceiling to the floor. Bins on high shelves, roll-out boxes that sit on the floor (available from many catalogs), and even a closet interior design Dubai pole if your ceiling is over 9 feet high are all good options for keeping stuff you dont use every day. If you have enough space and dont need to rotate clothes, use it to remove quirky shoes, hats, bags, or sentimental objects out of wet basements and freezing/baking attics.


You must be able to see whats inside a closet interior design Dubai in order for it to function. Natural light from skylights or windows is beneficial, but keep in mind that sunshine might cause fading (windows also eat storage space). Youll need good artificial light if sunshine isnt accessible. Artificial light must be between you and the contents of the closet interior design Dubai; if its behind you, youll cast a shadow on what youre trying to view. One factor to consider that you may not have considered is heat. In the tight, enclosed confines of a small closet interior design Dubai, incandescent bulbs can be a fire hazard. In many cases, fluorescent lighting is the sole code-compliant option. Closet interior design Dubai, more than any other room in the house, operate best when you know exactly how youll utilize them ahead of time. If you bunch your socks, for example, youll require more room than if you roll them. Shirts are the same way: do you stack them neatly or hang them? Consider what you wear and how you get dressed, and build the area to accommodate you: most-used objects near eye level, less-used items below, and least-used stuff well above. The majority of closet interior design Dubai has far too much-hanging storage and far too few shelves or drawers.


When you can see all of your socks, ties, and underwear (rather than just the top layer), you have more options when getting dressed. To keep stuff organized, use see-through wire baskets, acrylic- or glass-fronted cabinets, drawers with dividers, and belt and tie racks. For optimal versatility, shelves (and drawers that are part of shop-fabricated cabinets) should be adjustable and movable from place to place within the closet interior design Dubai. Even if youre the only one who notices it, the floor of a closet interior design Dubai is important because youll be standing on it every day in your bare feet. Carpet is the best choice for warmth underfoot. Closet interior design Dubai carpets, on the other hand, can be tough to vacuum. Choose wood or vinyl for best cleanability. Closet interior design Dubai requires circulation and dehumidification to prevent mold, mildew, and even insects from growing. A standardized closet interior design Dubai "system" is the easiest way to add storage capacity to an existing closet interior design Dubai. The classic coated-wire basket system is widely available, simple to install, and inexpensive, but the bins are often too deep to provide easy access to tiny goods. Clothes can potentially become caught on the wire shelves.

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Dubai, UAE

Plot Size: 960 sq. ft

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