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Renovation ceiling in Dubai


Our skilled interior designers and service procedures have enabled us to supply our clients with high-quality ceiling renovation that is backed by a team of highly qualified professionals. Luxury Antonovich Design always utilizes high-quality products from amazing makers. Clients can purchase these things at a reasonable price. Luxury Antonovich Design specializes in providing high-quality ceilings. Luxury Antonovich Design is well-known for its precise finishing and designs that are sophisticated as well as appealing designs. Our provided service is effective. Our team of experts is here to help you, who are extremely knowledgeable in their fields. Luxury Antonovich Design offers excellent services at a reasonable cost. As a result, it is critical to make your homes interior suitable. Service lines, air-conditioning systems, AC ducts and pipes, electrical wires, and fire-fighting equipment are all hidden behind false ceilings. It also allows us to conceal the original ceiling and create a false ceiling that can be carved to improve the look and feel of your home. A false ceiling may also be used to create efficient lighting effects by concealing lights. Cove lighting and floating light effects enhance the beauty of your false ceiling, enhancing the elegance and beauty of your home. Luxury Antonovich Design provides a complete repair and installation service for Dubai villas and homes.


Whether the ceiling is actually unpleasant or you simply want a change, there are a variety of options for covering it. Some of these initiatives are cost-effective, while others are more costly. As a result, the method you use to cover your ceiling is determined by your budget and personal preferences. A corrugated tin ceiling is a unique technique to give a room a minimalist/industrial feel. The metal is easily maintained and is screwed directly to the ceiling joists. A drop ceiling is a cost-effective coverup if you dont mind the ceiling looking like it belongs in a business building. The job entails putting in a grid system and filling in the gaps with ceiling tiles. Installing a panel and beam ceiling is another relatively straightforward option to transform the appearance of your ceiling. The beams arent actually structural; theyre just boxes that were placed to give the impression of beams. One of the simplest ways to transform an unsightly ceiling into a beautiful one is to use polystyrene ceiling tiles. Using an adhesive, the ceiling tiles adhere to the existing ceiling. The benefit is that there are a variety of patterns to choose from, and they are reasonably priced. PVC ceiling tiles are installed in the same way that a traditional drop ceiling is. PVC plastic tiles come in 24-inch x 24-inch portions and are waterproof, unlike normal drop-ceiling panels.


Paneling was quite popular 50 years ago, and when it became unpopular, it was removed or covered over. Paneling over an unsightly ceiling is still a possible choice, depending on the look youre going for. Remember to account for the weight of the paneling. To connect the paneling to, youll need a sturdy framework. These scribing pointers may also be useful. Another good option for a dingy ceiling is to hang the drywall. Unless you utilize a lift, youll need two persons to lift the panels. The new ceiling should be maintenance-free for many years after youve installed, primed, and painted it. As long as you can get the ceiling surface in paintable condition, its a straightforward solution. The process of restoring a ceiling is identical to that of mending a wall. It takes time and effort to prepare the surface for painting, and if you dont address the flaws before turning on the lights, they will all be visible.

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Dubai, UAE

Plot Size: 2,960 sq. ft

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