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Luxury Villa in Abu Dhabi

The deception of the design of this house in Dubai reflects a great artistic expression and integral architectural image. Luxury Antonovich Design Studios Interior designers created this great project, which has become one of the jewels of Dubai’s architecture. The exterior and its luxurious appearance are consistent with the magnificent interior decoration

Harmony is typical for this authors architectural project. This design is harmoniously blended into the surrounding landscape. Interior and landscape designers of Dubai developed a model that emphasizes the beauty of the building. This house has a very compatible three-dimensional composition. 

A luxury architecture of the house is based on aesthetic perfection. This masterpiece is decorated with elegant balustrades and fabulous pilasters as well as light and airy architectural images in the large outdoor terrace. 
It is further decorated with luxurious curtains manufactured from the finest white silk. This unique design in Dubai combines all structural elements, high windows, and sculptural decorations. Our Interior Designers of Dubai artfully combined the rhythm of the buildings delightful proportions, light, shade, texture, and color used. 

The result is a magnificent house situated in the city of Dubai, the building resembles its respective owners and is a source of pride to a big happy family. Every detail is important in its importance. This building is expressive and luxurious

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