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Villa complex


A villa complex is a series of houses in one compound. It is a luxurious paradise for big families that want to stay together without exceeding each other's privacy. This design by Luxury Antonovich Design is a complex of four luxury villas that are individually designed to perfection. This villa complex boasts exclusivity, everything you need is already designed in each area. If you want to maintain a very active lifestyle this is also the perfect villa for you. It has parks and courts so you can stay fit and play sports with your family. 


Luxury Antonovich Design is a world-class company that builds high-quality and comfortable housing. This is a team of experienced professionals, which is constantly evolving and improving. Our team is represented by professional architects, designers, engineers and decorators who have experience in building villa houses in various countries of the world.

Not a single well-built villa was built without a preliminary project. A good house, cottage or villa project is half the successful completion of its construction. It is impossible to solve a number of complex tasks that require a rich experience in designing specialists in their field without a perfect villa project. Such specialists work in our company LuxuryAntonovich Design. We take into account the newest and fashionable trends in interior and exterior design of houses, cottages, and villas, we use all modern possibilities for their implementation. Such a global integrated approach to this kind of work distinguishes us favorably among the abundance of companies offering project manufacturing services.


Luxury Antonovich Design works with a large number of suppliers of the best building materials of the highest quality, who are always ready to provide exclusive conditions for cooperation. We use products of the best European and global manufacturers.

Using the latest technology in the design of villa houses, our architects will be able to offer you a tour of your future villa even before construction begins and you will be able to see how the layout will look inside and out from an observation point. You can see the designs of villas, presented in various forms: graphic, three-dimensional, and even in the form of a video model.

Having a huge base for choosing the best materials Luxury Antonovich Design can offer you a wide range of beautiful villa projects that will take into account all the details — from the weather conditions of the region to the appointment of the building and your personal preferences.

We value each of our clients, and provide a range of services that will satisfy the most demanding customer:

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