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Modern villa plans

The House Plan

If you are searching for a creative space that is made of unique designs that will reflect the way of life that you live then you need the professional help of the Luxury Antonovich Design company. Modern homes have a wide range of concepts and rules that need to be guided by professionals. House designs are built by specific features with beautiful proportional lines that are simple and airier. These have a certain aesthetics that are complementary with the interior and exterior. These large windows from ceiling to floor adds a nice view of the outdoors that can be taken to indoors. The Luxury Antonovich Design firm will help you with planning your home, they will create every space worthwhile and you can even visualize how your home will look like with just a simple house plan.

Designing made easy

The Luxury Antonovich Design will map out your modern home design and the projects will be easily viewed by their clients. Choose your furnishings from landscape to exterior and interior.

  • Floor plan: These floor plans will give you an example of how the spaces in your home will be designed. This is essential to house planning. This will give you an idea of how much measurement space would take up.
  • Furnishing: Select the materials that will be used to your home and experiment with different elements that will be included. The best furnishings and fixtures to use are the ones with wood, metal, and other natural resources that adds an earthy feel to your villa design.
  • Lightings: The natural light will always be much better than light bulbs. Modern rooms look wider and bigger making the house look airy and cleaner.
  • Color: The color of this villa design is more on the neutral side. It looks more flourishing and beautiful to the eyes. The texture on the brick walls adds a creative accent which still looks clean and crisp.
  • Materials: Natural materials such as wood, and bricks which are also organic are used in this modern villa house plan. It is more modern and it allows a cleaner and airy home which is how modern villas tend to become.

Upgrade and move your villa design to a modern one. It is more sustainable in our fast-paced world. These fundamentals of a modern house design are more simple yet have more impact especially on the guests and viewers. The professional architects and designers of the Luxury Antonovich Design Company are flexible their designs vary from classical to modern to contemporary. This villa design boasts the masterpiece design of the company while it shows off the modern structural details.

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