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Sometimes it seems that if classic ever come out of fashion, then the world will cease to exist. The classic so ingrained in the interior design and architecture that it is expressing the main trends in any historical epoch. Its like a cornerstone around which other styles developed and change. With this little lyrical digression, we, again and again, want to emphasize the importance of the classic style in interior design and the close attention paid to it by the designers of the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio. In this interior design, the bedroom project everything is beautifully from the pattern on the floor to luxurious curtains. The interior has a very elegant and magnificent charm and at the same time, it remains very elegant and refined. With the help of carefully selected shades of materials for decor and textures, the interior designer creates a unique and very memorable image. In the decor of the ceiling, the tenderness and elegance of the bedroom interior are expressed with the help of beautiful stucco decoration, which is perfectly combined with a traditional crystal chandelier. To make the ceiling more expressive and to separate it from the wall decor, the author uses a wide molding with stucco, which is covered with gilding. A beautiful bed with a high headboard is a single and integral composition with a wall decoration. Luxuriously look silk wallpaper with damask ornaments are visually “enclosed” in an arched frame made of glass with openwork patterns. The magnificent decoration of the windows and beautiful marble floors complete the beautiful image of the interior bedroom in the classic style.

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