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Bedroom design Miami


Being mostly warm, Miami is one of the best cities to live in. Amazing skyline with beautiful beaches. Indeed it is the place to be. The interior style in Miami is more on the rich and elegant look with gold accents. In this bedroom design, you will see that the colors are more bright. The neutral primary color accented with turquoise is what makes this bedroom unique in its own way. This palatial bedroom is tranquil and serene which is the perfect relaxation place after a long and tiring day. You will also notice different textures which creates a dynamic look in the bedroom.

  • Flooring: The flooring is made up of marble which is making a great come back for this year. Marbles are the top choice for flooring because of its elegant reputation and its easy maintenance.
  • Color: The neutral color with the touch of turquoise is a perfect combination especially for a Miami bedroom design. It reflects the calm ocean with muted tones all over. The gold accents are also another way to highlight some parts of the bedroom.
  • Accessories: Accessories are essential in a bedroom. The different elements create the room look more personalized.


With the help of interior design, you can completely move in time and space. If modern style takes us sometimes to an unknown future, then the classic style moves us into the luxury of the royal palaces of France or Italy, as in this interior of a luxurious bedroom. Life is beautiful when you can fall asleep and wake up in such a beautiful and enchanting interior. As never before, the ceiling design is very important in the bedroom interior. After all, here we can spend most of our time laying in the bed, admiring the ceiling. It is for this purpose, namely to give a sense of aesthetic pleasure, the interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design created a beautiful ceiling with a round niche that is filled with artistic painting in the spirit of the best traditions of the Renaissance. In general, the bedroom interior design fully expresses the beautiful taste of its owners and their subtle sense of beauty. This is a real paradise for pleasant and happy moments. The decoration of windows and beds is almost in a perfect harmony. Luxurious textiles with openwork prints combine a rich blue hue and pearly white. Decorative plaster and pelmet cream-colored accentuate this magnificent play of ornaments. The natural carpet with bright floral ornaments became a cozy and bright accent of the luxurious bedroom interior. The saturated palette of shades in the interior has become a reflection of the cheerful and optimistic nature of the house owners. Beautiful furniture from Italy filled the interior with greatness and comfort.

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