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Top notch exclusive modern design bedroom

Clarity of lines and of each element of decorThis is the basis of a beautiful and perfect image of the bedroom interior in modern style The simplicity of color scheme is compensated by original features in the decoration of the interior of the bedroom. To decorate the windows textile designers Antonovich Design offered curtains in a modern style of noble silk dark shade. The straight folds curtains outline two windows. With this solution, the interior designers to visually enlarge the room height. The decoration of the ceiling used modern ceiling lights, LED lighting, and a classic chandelier. Suspended ceiling creates a wonderful effect of lightness and weightlessness. The most versatile and rich in this project is a wall decorEmbossed luxury wallpaper, geometrically ornamented, give the wall a beautiful texture and play of light and shade. Ideally resonates with this beautiful ornament decoration, panel behind the headboard. This element of decor we want to dwell in more detail. This is an exclusive solution of designers Antonovich Design Studio. The combination of mirror inserts and a soft textile panel of emerald velvet creates additional volume. Decor panel outlines a beautiful stained glass window made of brass with backlight. Patterns of stained glass is repeated in the ornament of elite wallpaper. The most concise and restrained looks furniture light wood. It is also one of the ways to expand the space of the interior and make it more functional. The floors are decorated with precious marble. And to soften the cool marble in the middle the bedroom, soft natural carpet gives warmth.

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