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Luxurious Bedroom Interior UAE

Like in the Garden of Eden under gentle sunlight, surrounded by flowering landscapes. Such association is brought by this delightful and luxurious bedroom interior from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design. We invite you to enjoy the contemplation of these beautiful apartment and feel the power of beauty and grandeur. Every year, talented interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design create unique beauty interiors for the valued customers around the world. Each project is unique as each of our customer is unique. This author's bedroom project anticipated wildest dreams of home owners in Dubai. Bright and festive mood of the interior is set by the ceiling decoration. Particularly this detail of the bedroom interior very clearly makes it clear how much it expanded scope for creative design with the use of modern technologies. The ceiling is decorated with round niches with illumination, through the delicate curls of carved decoration. Lush ceiling image is complemented with stucco, which plays a delightfully light and shade under the light of chandeliers and additional lighting. Bright and passionate image of bedroom interior is based on rich shades of silk velvet and gold glitter. The windows are decorated with luxurious curtains of velvet fuchsia. And soft pelmets of pink hue shade. Art parquet floor fills the interior with a pleasant mood of warmth of home comfort. In this space of a holiday of luxury and comfort a refined bed fits amazingly. Furniture made of wood of valuable species with exquisite carved decoration adds the interior elegance and respectability.

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