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Superior blue bedroom design

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What comes to your mind when you think about elegance and sophistication in a bedroom interior design? Our team always thought that neoclassical interiors are the most modest style when it comes to bedroom design. This century look is conceptualized with elegant lines and luxury looks that interprets culture and art. With a little touch of modern looks, the neoclassical interior has become a staple interior for timeless and elegant bedrooms. Our team always come up with the present ideas tied up with important features to associate the lifestyle of our clients with this type of interior style. Here are some features to look at when it comes to neoclassical interior.

  • Colors: The colors of the neoclassical interior style uses a lot of striking or jewel-toned hues incorporated with neutral shades. Here in this sample bedroom above, youll notice that the accent color is jewel-toned blue mixed and matched with neutral walls to make the interior more pervasive and chic.
  • Furniture: The furniture choices for neoclassical style is simple, there are incorporations of wood and embellished ornaments, marble floors, elegantly printed carpets are also an addition. We make sure to use damask silk, brocade, linen and sometimes velvet to uphold with the luxurious theme of the room.
  • Decor: Huge mirrors, flowers, paintings, moldings, are some of the combination pieces to build the neoclassical aesthetic of a bedroom. Here in this model bedroom, we used all of these decoration elements to make it look well-thought off.


The neoclassical style is also sometimes called the Art Deco style. This interior design is mostly inspired by the luxury vintage look which is also a timeless look for any space in your home. Our team makes sure to decor a shabby chic style bedroom with a touch of romantic elegance. This style is reminiscent of the era of art and Nouveau decors. We make sure to add expressive artistic styles without making the room look cluttered. The neoclassical look is all about melding cultures with modern contemporary pieces of furniture to add a little twist to it. Of course, we also want to make it look serene and not overdone that is why we pick out the best color palette that would go along with the theme of the bedroom. Youll notice all the custom furniture which is also designed and built by our team. The headboard that sits above the bed is hand hammered with care, the choice of sturdy material is also a must for our production team. The detailed upholstery sets a luxurious look which is polished and elegant at the same time. Feel free to look into our amazing designs and well make your dream bedroom come true.

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