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Stained-Glass Doors For Elegant Interior


The use of stained-glass will turn even ordinary doors into an extraordinary and unique element of the interior. These inserts are ideally combined with a metal or wooden canvas, bringing them a refined and sophisticated look. Doors with stained-glass are used for both interior and exterior.

Katrina Antonovich Shares Secrets Of Interior Doors Design

Thanks to stained glass inserts, ordinary doors become a bright and unique element of the interior. Today doors with stained-glass from Luxury Antonovich Design are becoming more and more popular and demand. They amaze with a variety of color solutions, forms, sizes, plots and materials of manufacture. The stained-glass windows themselves can be compared to a painting canvas. They can be made in any style and direction of art.

First of all, stained-glass doors are classified by function. They can be:

— Entrance doors.

— Interior doors.

— Balcony doors

— Decorative doors.

The most popular stained glass technique today is Tiffany. Creating a stained-glass door in such a technique, the composition is laid out from pieces of glass wrapped with copper foil. The finished drawing turns out to be elegant and durable due to the fact that all elements are soldered together into a single stained-glass structure.

Another very common technique for creating a stained glass door is Fusing. Using this technique, stained glass is created by sintering all the pieces of the mosaic into a single canvas. Such a stained glass compares favorably with the fact that it looks more like a drawing made with the help of watercolor.


To reveal all the beauty of a stained glass door, you need to take into account some nuances when installing the door. Everyone knows that stained glass plays particularly well in the sunlight. Therefore, designers of Luxury Antonovich Design advise to install the door opposite the window. The sun's rays are able to revive the stained glass and give the room a special atmosphere and comfort. Such doors visually expand the space, bring some lightness and airiness to the interior.

The overall style of the interior doors and the stained-glass inserted inside it can be performed individually, that is unique, which means that such an interior door from Luxury Antonovich Design will make the decor of the house amazing, beautiful and inimitable. All doors with stained glass constantly display a kind of light that is very similar to natural. Due to this effect, they are capable of fairly accurately transmitting the ruby reflections of a sunset, the flickering of the lights of a huge metropolis, or the gold of falling leaves. It undoubtedly gives any room a certain touch of comfort and warmth, respectability and luxury.

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