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Ceiling Design And Original Fit-Out Ideas


Every person who made repairs or fit-out works at least once in his life thought about what types of ceiling surfaces are in the apartment and which is better to choose for his home. Todays ceilings are surprising variety. Some are able to make the room brighter and more spacious, others effectively emphasize its best sides, others are design masterpieces.

Katrina Antonovich - Respected Interior Designer

The modern market of building and fit-out materials provides tremendous opportunities for the repair of the ceiling and its decorative look. The variety is simply amazing: various ways of fixing, shapes, materials and a huge color range. All this allows Luxury Antonovich Design to choose the necessary type of ceiling for any room, not only according to technical characteristics, but also in accordance with aesthetic qualities.

Depending on the method and technology of installation, Luxury Antonovich Design ceilings can be divided into several of the following types:

— Sheet ceilings — are attached directly to the ceiling with glue. This type of ceiling is used in cases where there are no communications (electrical wiring and other) in the space between the main ceiling and the hemming (decorative coating).

— Suspended ceilings — mounted on a special frame, attached to the ceiling, at a distance of about 10 centimeters from the main ceiling.

— Stretch ceilings — a special fabric stretched across the entire area of the ceiling for special fixings (also at a distance of about 10 cm from the base).


One of the most interesting decisions in the field of ceiling fit-out is a stained-glass ceiling, and every day this solution is becoming increasingly popular and in demand. The use of glass using different processing techniques makes each interior unique. The advantages of such ceilings include unique beauty decor, which is difficult to compare with other types of finishes. Especially well these ceilings look combined with built-in lights: they are usually placed around the perimeter of the fragment, so that the rays are refracted through colored glass and bring a special atmosphere and comfort to the room.

Gypsum is an ideal material if you need to quickly make a beautiful ceiling. It is fireproofed, great for both leveling and creating any volumetric shapes. The physical pliability of the gypsum makes it possible to cut out any shapes, drill any holes, without fear of the appearance of cracks, chips, or scratches. Individual elements are fixed with screws or special hangers on a metal frame, in which it is very easy to hide electrical wiring. Depending on the complexity of the forms, drywall ceilings can be single-level, multi-level and curly.

Such a type of construction as a vaulted ceiling has become quite popular among developers. To solve the problem with unwanted beams and columns, for a room with a large span an excellent solution would be to create a vaulted ceiling. Vaulted ceilings are widely used in modern architecture. But now this design is mainly used for decorative purposes. The material that is on the market today is so durable that you can design a ceiling of any complexity. This type of ceiling fit-out gives the room the touch of comfort and coziness.

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