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Spectacular Villa Pakistan

Spectacular Villa Pakistan

Villa designs have started since the 18th century, but the connection of designs are still complete in the present world. Villas architectural designs are larger and more spacious than other residential designs. A villa interior design has to follow in its layout, and deliver an interior just as elegant as its architecture. Luxury Antonovich Design Villas are a collection of grand residential houses. Since our villas are mostly located at the city we build it as cozy as possible. Luxury Antonovich Design’s contemporary style, however, focuses on the breadth of both the initial design and construction, along with the villa interior design in complementary with each other. Villa interior designing goes side by side with its construction, and needs to follow a few quantity.

Our idea of building a villa was to build a house that feels like it’s away from the city in a completely biological set-up, so it is only natural to let that aspect into the interior design of your own villa.This will give you semi-open spaces like decks, terraces and verandas, which would definitely add to the ambiance and visual quality of your villa interior design. Our designs would also help create a more relaxing ambiance with a minimal architectural and interior intervention, while keeping the aesthetics wholesome and belonging.

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