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Spacious Villa Design in Al Meydan Grand Mullion - Dubai


This Luxurious villa design in the UAE has the most spacious scope of land area which has become the most challenging part for the Luxury Antonovich Design Team. However, this huge villa project was indeed very exciting to develop and design to meet every detail of requirement from the client. It took a very meticulous planning and development stage to be able to create very exclusive design ideas to complete this expensive villa design. What makes this expensive villa design costly is how every material and requirement has very high standards. Most of the architecture and interior design materials are need to be transported from prime countries that specialize its provisions. The owner of this expensive villa design would like to have a very unique, sophisticated with a touch of modern interior design. And as the best provider of luxurious interior design in UAE, Luxury Antonovich Design was indeed the best choice of the company that has the full ability to bring out the best solution that will surely meet every single detail of requirement of this expensive villa design.

This expensive villa design has been composed of the most concrete architectural design which has been made up considering having the most spacious and functional interior design. Every single wall scheme of this expensive villa design is made up of the finest quality of wall decorations, from wall panels, marble, wall lighting, and even if every wall accessories. Each of the open wide glass windows is being shaded and covered with the most exquisite fabric material that absolutely enhances the beauty of this expensive villa design. Every part of the house has the most amazing set up of ceiling design having the great selections of chandeliers, lighting, and a very creative gypsum design. What makes this expensive villa design extra beautiful is how the Luxury Antonovich Design creates the perfect balance in style, spaces, and selection of decorations that enhances the luxuriousness of style as well as achieving the most functional interior design arrangement.

When it comes to furniture and decorations, each prestigious piece has been guaranteed made up of the finest materials and compositions. Most of it is also custom made by Luxury Antonovich Home featuring its own luxury furniture line – KA Luxury Brand. The great selections of furniture design is what make this prestigious interior design UAE extra stunning and aesthetically perfect that only Luxury Antonovich Design can execute. Luxury Antonovich Design was indeed the most reliable and trusted by VIPs and Royal Families in developing their expensive villa design not only in the UAE but also in the neighboring countries in the Middle East and even worldwide. As they believes that Luxury Antonovich Design has the full capacity to perform a world class standards accomplishing an expensive villa design.

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