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We've talked about the benefits of blackout lining in terms of light blocking and soundproofing, but we haven't talked about its polar opposite: sheer curtains and shades. Sheer linen window coverings, like the ones in the photo above, look fantastic in any kind of home, whether it classic or modern farmhouse, and provide a light, airy sense that softens the ambiance of a space.

Sheer drapes and window coverings are unlined and transparent, allowing just a little amount of light to pass through. During the day, sheers provide privacy by preventing outsiders from seeing into the property while allowing ample sunshine to enter

Sheers don't have to be white to be effective. During the afternoon and evening, gentle neutrals give a subtle touch of color without surrendering maximum sunshine. When the fabric covers the full wall, extending well beyond the windows, as in the example above with Belgian Sheer Linen curtains in Oatmeal, it also provides a lovely ombre effect.



Sheer curtains are also quite adaptable. They may be matched with blackout-lined curtains and a traverse rod to give you the best of both worlds.

While floor-to-ceiling sheer drapes are lovely and dreamy, sheer linen roman shades have a similar effect, providing the perfect blend of seclusion and light control.

They don't have to be used exclusively for windows, though! Sheers may also be utilized in a number of different places to provide a delicate touch. Sheer curtains draped from a ceiling curtain rod may be used to create a beautiful canopy or room divider.



Luxury Antonovich Design has its own manufacturing and factory which is composed of the makers in every luxurious and finest texture of every curtain design. From the high-end textile, fabrics, or silk every prestigious curtain piece is being tailored to perfection. Every embroidery and artistic detailed design is being performed in the most meticulous and artistic design. We are providing the full design services for every curtain from the widest selection of style, detailed measurements, deliveries, installation, and fixing to make sure that every curtain will be well presented in every interior design according to the exact design detail that the requires.

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