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Aside from bringing out the best interior design and fitout projects, our company has been very well known as the provider of top-quality furniture, lighting, carpets, and curtail design. All types of decorations that make every interior design complete are what we are promoting to enhance every interior mood stylishly. With our great willingness to extend our capacity to bring out the best design implementations for our project. Our company Luxury Antonovich Design is also dealing with manufacturing curtains and offering premium services such as installations and fixing. We have the widest variety and services for black-out curtains installation in Dubai. We are also offering manual and motorized installation curtains in Dubai. As we are using different advanced technologies and machinery, we are able to do motorized curtains service in Dubai as well as motorized curtain fixing in Dubai.

Achieve the most stylish and elegant took of your interior mood by completing it with the finest curtains and blinds in Dubai. Luxury Antonovich Design is the number 1 supplier UAE – Dubai curtains blinds shop. We are offering strategic and meticulous curtain fixing Dubai and all types of curtain installation in Dubai. In fact, most of the luxury villas in Palm Jumeirah and modern apartments for curtain fixing Dubai Marina have been conducted by our expert curtain installation and fixing team. We offer great services that will be featuring the beauty and elegance of every interior mood by having the most stylish curtain design.


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What are Blackout curtains?

Drapes that are double-lined and densely woven are sometimes referred to as blackout curtains. Blackout curtains are meant to totally block out light. Only via holes surrounding the window can light enter a room with blackout drapes.

What effect do blackout curtains have on a space?

By reducing the quantity of sunlight and UV rays that enter the room, blackout curtains, shades, and blinds all save electricity. They also protect furniture and flooring from sun damage and fading, making these high-priced items last longer.

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